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An inspector calls

One of the earliest experiences which engendered my subsequent suspicion and lack of respect for authority in all its forms, happened when I was about seven years old. I was in the second class at Chelsfield Primary School, when the teacher drew our attention to a very serious-looking man who had entered the classroom. “This […]

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Fly the flag

Chelsfield School

During my time at Chelsfield school, we were required to observe the ritual of Empire Day. Though I had no idea at the time as to what this was all about, I am now in full possession of the facts due to my research for this story. Brewers Dictionary of Phrase and Fable tells it […]

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Childhood memories


Standing beside a large, shiny cylinder which appeared to be draped in white cloth and thick, silky ropes. I was four and my eldest brother had taken me to see this landmine, which I presume had been made safe! Crazy! — The occasional lesson taken in the garden of Chelsfield school on a sunny summer’s […]

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Just checking

I went today to Chelsfield, the village where I was born, just to have a look around and to satisfy myself that the residents were taking care of the place in my absence. Having parked the car on the Five Bells car park I set out on a short tour of the area. As I […]

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Passé postage


I recently received an envelope, from an unknown person, containing a leaflet. This was publicising a slide show in the village hall at Chelsfield, my birthplace. I went along as the subject matter was ancient pictures of Chelsfield and the surrounding area. I was, however, unable to discover who had sent me the leaflet, which […]

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