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Classroom Brexit

“Now children,” said the headteacher, “There are one-hundred and twenty-eight children in this school and recently a lot of you have been complaining about being in class and saying that you want spend all your time playing in the playground. So I have decided that we will take a vote on the matter, what some […]

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New conservatory

In November of 2016 Susan and I decided that we should renew the glass in our conservatory, due to there being several double-glazed units which were becoming misted on the inside. We therefore asked the company, County, to come along and give us an estimate for renewing all the units. In the intervening period, before […]

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The Barry Marchant Voting Method

For several years I have been thinking about a voting method for electing governments, which would, at the same time, encourage people to actually go out and vote and enable them to make their feelings known about all shades of the political spectrum. I have always thought that to vote against candidates would be far […]

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