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Another house-viewing and buying programme on British day-time television. The punter, a woman, on catching sight of an arched doorway on the outside of the house she was viewing, said, “I like that door. I think it’s really unique!” To which gem the female presenter replied, “Yes, there are lots like that in this area.”

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Seems reasonable

In an article seen on the BBC news website a driver in New Zealand was stopped for doing 75 mph in a 60 limit. When the policeman approached the car he found the driver had no arms and steered with one foot whilst using the other foot to operate the pedals. He had apparently been […]

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Never mind them

Watching the BBC presentation of the European Grand Prix at Valencia I was amused by the following incident. Before the start Martin Brundle was doing his usual walk up and down the grid, looking for likely candidates to interview, followed, of course by a long-suffering cameraman. He had seen several of the usual suspects including […]

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