Now what have I said?

When I first took on the job of driving the Surrey travelling library, I found myself working alongside a chap called Bill Strahan. He was a very conscientious man and went on to greater things in the library world. I was replacing in the driving seat a man with whom Bill had not got along too well. Wilf had previously worked as a driver with the local highways department and was probably not cut out for this new type of work. He also found it difficult to adjust to the enthusiasm and conscientiousness of his workmate. It seems that he also lacked a sense of humour and became very indignant when Bill laughed at his comment about a council worker who was painting white lines along a straight stretch of main road where they were driving. Apparently, this man was working without warning signs of any description and Wilf, in high dudgeon, said to Bill, “Look at this bloody fool, working in the middle of the road with no warning signs! If I was to knock him arse-over-head he wouldn’t have a leg to stand on!”